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Channel Awesome

Notice how the satellite is shaped like a cross?

The self satisfactory named Channel Awesome, is an online media "company" that are "nothing but gracious". They are a recent "company" within the world of video games, movie reviews and internet entertainment in general, that makes it's money by mass emailing as many performers as they can in order to increase their fanbase to a degree that can mutually increase revenue for all those involved. Many of their proud exports are Special Guests, Crossovers and Chicago get-togethers.


Channel Awesome was made when Mike Michaud decided to capitalize on That Guy With The Glasses being kicked off of Youtube. It started with the sole intention to piggy back on his popularity to reach the faint light in the distance called "wealth". Sadly, he managed to reach it.

That Guy With The Glasses (website)Edit

The website holds a grand total of 44, unique, talented partners that were definitely not chosen by mass email. All of them are totally talented and are not expendable in any way whatsoever, which is why there's 44 of them. The selection process was magnificent and quality control filtered out the crap, but even so, there's 44 of them.

Transmission AwesomeEdit