"Gaming in the Clinton Years" is a series of short video game reviews from the latter half of the 90s'. The reviews often contains huge errors concerning the games reviewed, commentary that ranges from cringeworthy to so-bad-it's-good quality and pointless stuff added in to pad out the review (sometimes even the ending of the game). They were narrated by George Wood.

On August 5th 2009, Navgtr uploaded a video indicating that George Wood had been dead for three years, although this was later suggested to be nothing more than a ploy for sympathy from viewers, with Wood being revealed to hold a CEO position in Avatoy, Inc., which appears in the production slate for each video.[1]

Did this ever air on TV?Edit

The most common reactions to people when first watching the reviews are "Did this shit ever air on TV?" And the truth is, yes it did. There are no definite sources on the internet, but several comments on the videos and on various forums says that the reviews were made as segments for a TV show called Flights of Fantasy, and it was broadcast on a public access channel in Maryland, USA. This seems plausible, as a "Flights of Fantasy" logo appears at the end of every video, and the name is even mentioned at the end of one of the videos.[2]

The website picked up the videos a few years ago and renamed them Gaming in the Clinton Years.


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