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Chris "IrateGamer" Bores is a video game reviewer on YouTube. His reviews, although using the same format as many other reviewers, have been met with much criticism from other reviewers. To date, Ebeeto, Armake21, AkewsticRockR, BigAl2k6, GhettoKarter1992 (aka DaUrbanEntertainer), Urinatingtree, and PlayItBogart have criticized the IrateGamer. The criticism includes accusations of plagiarism, 'selling out' and general low quality of reviews. He has already released a DVD. He is by some considered a Ripoff. He is infamous for getting any video critizising him removed by claiming copyright infringement from his production company Y2B Productions (the mere legitimacy of this company has been brought into question).

History Edit

The IrateGamer appeared in early 2007, and began immediately with Youtube Partner status and a large amount of subscribers, who curiously, were subscribers to only the IrateGamer, and no-one else. He immediately began to become popular using Partner Account perks, attracting Youtubers with no prior knowledge of the video game reviewing community. Due to the accusations of plagiarizing AVGN, the intellectual property of the subject matter and whether his own videos were made with talent, he was featured on the most discussed list and became a most subscribed video game reviewer.

A mere couple of months after Season 1 of his show, he released merchandise along with a DVD. The common phenomenon of having critical videos removed from Youtube by Y2B Productions became connected to IrateGamer also.

On June 6, 2008, Chris Bores appeared on the internet radio show "Uncensored Net Noise" for an interview. During the interview, Chris was challenged by the hosts of the show several times about accusations of being a ripoff and plagiarizing other reviewers. The interview was leaked onto Youtube and quickly became unpopular by those critical of the IrateGamer.[1] Eventually, several videos of the interview were removed by "Y2B Productions" for copyright infringement, even though "Y2B Productions" didn't hold the copyright for the interview.

Today, his popularity hangs by a thread, being merely his partner status. He is commonly viewed by the Youtube commoners (viewers of LisaNova, WhatTheBuck, etc).


On September 14, 2007, Chris Bores uploaded a trial run of one of his reviews with all of the cuss words being censored, because he had been receiving many emails from people asking for a video without all of the swearing. The episodes being censored has been discontinued.


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