Jedite1 is yet another video game reviewer that started off with angry reviews.. Since he signed up for a director's account on Youtube back in 2006, he's able to upload videos longer than 10 minutes, which has caused him to upload a lot of loooooong videos, often as long as half an hour. As time went on, his content became more than just angry video game reviewing. Jedite would make numerous videos discussing consoles, some great games that never got that popular for whatever reason, and even some pro wrestling. However, starting around halfway through 2007, his videos became almost 100% Q&As, and after his last one in January 1, 2008, he went on a 6 month hiatus. He returned with one more video that year and then fell off the face of the earth until 2010. From then on, he would rarely post videos until 2012, and since then, his account has been inactive.

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