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The Happy Video Game Nerd
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LoPhatJello, Derek Alexander or The Happy Video Game Nerd Is a Moderately Reputable video game reviewer who resides in Anchorage, Alaska. His trademark drink, in the same vein as the AVGN's Rolling Rock, is red wine. Rather than reviewing bad games, he mostly reviews games that he personally think are underrated and/or underappreciated, such as Metal Storm, Startropics and Little Nemo in Slumberland.

History Edit

Derek released his first game review on the 29th of August 2007. The review, which was of the NES game Metal Storm, was meant as a spoof of the AVGN, and the beginning of the Metal Storm video especially targets the AVGN's Karate Kid video. Where in the Karate Kid video, the Nerd would say in frustration "This game sucks ass!" the Happy Nerd would say instead "This game kicks ass!" and ramble on afterwards "Oh boy, let me tell you: I love this game!" as opposed to the Nerds "Oh boy, let me tell you, I hate this game!"

The AVGN himself has said he enjoyed Derek's reviews, and has even subscribed to his Youtube-channel.[1]

Theme Song Edit

The Happy Video Game Nerd has his own theme song, performed by Alexander himself. The melody is the same as the AVGN theme song, co-written by James Rolfe and Kyle Justin, but with different lyrics summing up the concept and character of the HVGN:

You had enough of games that you hate Let's talk about some games that are great

I'd rather let the people know About the underrated classics of old

Than bitch and cuss 'bout shitty games Like, it's been done a million times before

'Cause he's the happiest gamer you've never heard He's the happy Nintendo nerd

He's the happy Atari Sega nerd He's the Happy Video Game Nerd

This theme song was replaced by an original one, starting with the Rocket Knight Adventures video. This was in part due to Alexander's growing desire to make the HVGN less of a direct parody of the AVGN and more of an independent show. The new theme song, performed by Alexander's electronic group Starship Amazing, is instrumental with no lyrics and bares no resemblance to the AVGN's theme song.

Videos Edit

Derek has continued to release videos on a regular basis, having reviewed so far:

Metal Storm (NES)

Startropics (NES)

Splatterhouse series (Arcade, Turbografx16, Sega Genesis)

Wild Guns (Super NES)

Little Nemo the Dream Master (NES)

Nightshade (NES)

Rocket Knight Adventures (Sega Genesis)

Mega Man 9 (Downloadable for Wii/PS3/Xbox 360)

D (Sega Saturn, Playstation/3DO/PC)

Duck Tales (NES)

Mega Man 10 (Downloadable for Wii/PS3/Xbox 360)

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