Museman111 is a videogame reviewer who gets a lot of criticism due to the lack of knowledge of the games he reviews. He has been shown not to know the facts of the games he reviews such as The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess where he states "In the other Zelda games the enemies would not explode." This is untrue as all enemies in the Zelda games either revert back into its previous form, turn good, turn into an item, shrink, disintegrate, burn up or explode after being beaten. Many viewers complained that he was wrong saying "if they didn't explode they would just stay there" He also seemed to think that bosses of the Zelda series would not explode either which is also not correct, all bosses explode after being beaten; Except for Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess ( In Ocarina of Time Ganondorf was banished, and in Twilight Princess it is not shown if he died after the game.) Majora however did not explode but was reconstructed as its previous form, a mask with no powers left. Some do not consider Museman111 a true reviewer as his facts aren't correct and they are not backed up by any source.