July 11th 2009
Retsupurae's original Youtube account has been reinstated, with all the original videos intact! Click here for details
June 1st 2009
There's been speculation that the Spoony One will stop making videos completely after the movie Twilight won five awards at the MTV Movie Awards, beating out The Dark Knight and Slumdog Millionaire for the award for Best Movie. It should be noted, however, that the people who have seriously been speculating this wouldn't know a prank or irony if it hit them in the head on April Fool's Day.
May 26th 2009
AkewsticRockR has released his first video since December. There, he comments on his long hiatus and future plans, for videos as well as his own life. It can be viewed here.
February 4th 2009
BigAl2k6 has been suspended for copyright infringement. This is catastrophic, as it is in the middle of an E-Drama. Fair Use has been shit upon yet again.
January 19th 2009
Urinatingtree has returned to Youtube. What can be described as a united 'GLAD YOUR BACK MAKE VIDEOS PLZ' has occured all over the internets.