It's all yours, Konkel! Turn it into a condo or something.

OMGWTF?! was the previous incarnation of The Dead Horse Interchange, before it was abandoned by it's members and Staff save for KonkelBaer, who now resides there on his own like a hermit, watching many straggling hits visit the forum daily due to the old influence and prominence. After getting drunk, he demoted all staff members except for Ebeeto and himself, even though it didn't mean anything since everyone had left for Goldstein's Revenge.

Previously, the forum enjoyed a fruitful history, such as the Hans explosion, the Lloyd meme, frequent changes to the skin, and David's delightful display of fascism and his 'Nigga Tits' meme, which he wishes to forget, but is now immortalized. FOREVER. Other than major events, it was the small things that kept the forum alive, which was mainly the inane chatter.