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Retsupurae is a team of Something Awful members (Diabetus and slowbeef) from an unknown location in America who ridicule let's players and reviewers. Their name is Engrish phonetic pronunciation for 'Let's Play', as clarified by their lesser known previous name, "Retsupray". they have ridiculed BigAl2k6, Rijno, HCBailly and DarknessTheCurse to name a few. Their style is similar to that of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Their arguably most well known and popular videos are the ones where they make fun of "Gaming in the Clinton Years" videos. Other popular videos include the mockery of ElectricalBeast (the most British person ever), musclebomber2021 (or is it muscle"bummer"?) and Billy MC's Let's Play of Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. The latter has been refered to countless times in later videos, and Retsupurae said themselves "For the record, BillyMC, out of all the fucking LPers we've made fun of, I like you the best, but you're still fucking awful."[1]

On the 8th of May, Retsupurae did the unthinkable: they riffed on one of Chris "Irate Fucktard Gamer" Bores, a person who is infamously picky about any form of criticism, no matter how legit. The video they riffed on was not one of Chris' reviews, but rather his other show, called Haunted Investigators. The video got removed from Youtube just hours after it was uploaded, but the video can be viewed on[2]. Viddler, unlike Youtube, is not completely retarded when it comes to copyright and fair use, so Retsupurae's videos are uploaded there without much worry of copyright breach.

They had been suspended due to TOS violations sometime in May 2009, and were forced to re-upload their videos on a back-up account named "Retsuplay." However, videos like-- for example-- Playtennis14 shows us the way! were not re-uploaded due to fears the "Retsuplay" account would get suspended also. Fortunately, the original "Retsupurae" account was reinstated on July 11th.


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