Warner Music Group, or better known by their patronising, more annoying abreiviation, WMG, is a music group who, while they don't produce the music they distribute, take credit for music as their copyright if the band or artist is signed with them. The abreiviation WMG is becoming a common sight on videos on Youtube, and when combined with the lack or warning and circumvention of fair use, it is nothing short of the cancer to well meaning Youtubers with no intention of making profit. There are numerous circumventions to avoid videos being systematically degraded, as nobody wants to use stock footage from a third party, 1990s looking, tacky website with poor layout, which doesn't sync up with the video whatsoever.

How to avoid having your video raped Edit

You can either:

  • Remove the offending video and upload it again with different music that isn't licenced by WMG
  • Avoid using any music by WMG by checking the songs you want to use with Wikipedia
  • Fight the bullshit by filing a complaint to Youtube
  • Move to another video hosting website if you have a website of your own that isn't effected
  • Make your own music
  • Sign a deal with a freeware music maker and promote them in your description and video
  • Leave Youtube and move to a forum where you are able to post a link to an .AVI instead